This stylish design with high comfort will show even the luxury of an ordinary salon. Prada Sofa Set is a furniture choice that will amaze those who see elegance and comfort in the same place.


  1. Our Prada model is a design that gives extra comfort to our customers who prefer to be modular in addition to their comfortable appearance.
  2. Our Prada model is a multi-purpose model consisting of three, single, resting modules. With these modules, you can easily adjust to whatever you want, whatever the size of your room.
  3. The Prada model features a movable back that allows for a deep session when desired, and a longer single bed due to the sideways motion of the arms.
  4. The 35 soft danish sponge we use in the session is the first class sponge which increases resistance as the load increases and improves the session comfort by taking the shape of the body and has a long service life.
  5. The soft and damp cloth can be wiped or dry cleaned.