Cape Town Corner Sofa Set; comfort, quality and elegance. The corner sofa set with stylish design will enhance the energy of your home with functionality, special fabric and color options. If you are looking for a modern and stylish design, you can purchase Cape Town in three different color options.


  1. Aesthetic design is a modern seat that provides extra comfort due to the ridge height in comfort.
  2. All surfaces were covered with 3 cm sponge and 90 gr fiber to minimize deformation.
  3. The session is unique with comfort and ergonomics.
  4. Our Cape Town Corner model is the CNC cutting sponge that we have in mind. The dimensions and comfort features on this page have been standardized.
  5. The 35 HR DanSTa sponge we use in the session is a first-class sponge that increases the resistance it shows when the load is increased, increases the comfort of the body by taking the shape of the body and has a long service life.
  6. The soft and damp cloth can be cleaned or dry cleaned.