Taking its name from the ancient city, Aspendos Sofa Team changes the style of your home with the classical details it interprets in modern style. The capitated back and arm portions that increase in popularity from day to day add elegance to your home, allowing you to have a comfortable sitting area. Aspendos you can choose according to the color harmony of your home without sacrificing quality with trend color alternatives; elegant, elegant and noble …


  1. It can be removable and removable while adding elegance to your home with its fixed back and arm top capitons. The session is a product that will provide you convenience in terms of cleaning with cushions.
  2. Aspendos’ session is the CNC cut sponge. The dimensions and comfort features on this page have been standardized.
  3. The 35 soft danish sponge used in the session is the first class sponge that increases resistance as the load increases and improves the session comfort by taking the shape of the body and has a long service life.
  4. In addition, the zipper system used in the session cushions makes it easy to clean if it is a fixed seat.
  5. The soft and damp cloth can be cleaned or dry cleaned.