Certified Quality…

We have always kept our sensitivity for quality and durability at the top level in Saloni products for 20 years. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Saloni has always been durability, security and ergonomics. It is indispensable for us to offer aesthetics and comfort to our customers with these features.The durability and safety of our products have been certified with an international certificate. We have been entitled to receive EN 12520 certificate after our production system and products were audited.

EN 12520 European Standard is a standard covering the requirements for the strength, durability and safety of seating elements used by adults in homes. This standard has been prepared by the European Technical Committee on Standardization (CEN) Furniture Technical Committee, and has been approved by CEN and entered into force. This standard covers the points related to the safety of the user in the seats, armchairs and other seating elements used at home and the specifications to guarantee the durability of the product. In order to obtain this document, our production site inspection and a quality management system inspection carried out primarily. After this preliminary examination is passed, the sample products are subjected to the tests specified in the standard. Products that provide strength, durability and safety conditions passed the tests successfully and are entitled to receive this certificate.

We have passed an important milestone in our quality journey by registering our system with first with our ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate and finally with our EN 12520 Certificate. This is not a destination, because we believe that, quality is a journey, not a destination….