A Home in Balance With Nature: Winter

Learn how to create & decorate a home that is in balance & supports the winter season. 

Every season is different. Spring brings in rain, cleansing and rejuvenating the earth in preparance for the Summer. In Summer, the sun beams strong adding vital energy to all plants & humans alike (Yay! More vitamin D!). In come Fall, time to gather up all the fruits we yielded in the previous season. And then comes the mighty Winter, who coldly and at times ruthlessly, forces us to go into hibernation.

For us -home decor enthusiasts, the changing of the seasons is the perfect time to create a home that supports & creates a balance with nature’s cyclical awe inspiring ways. If you are new to home decor or you have just ran out of ideas we have gather 4 quick tips to prepare your home for this winter.


Add a Cozy Element to Keep Warm

This tip is a must for successfully endearing winter cuddles. Change the up the rugs for thicker, more plush rugs. The lighter linen throws & blankets for cashmere or fleece. Select warm colors reminiscent of hot chocolate, Christmas and all things good.

An accessible blanket can help lower energy/heating cost too! Instead of running to the thermostat first thing wrap up & relax.

Place Tea Pot Sets Decorations & as Reminders to Nourish Yourself

The benefits of tea in the areas of metabolism & bioavailability as well as its preventative effects against cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes, arthritis & neurological diseases are well documented.

Many of us have beautiful tea pots hiding away until the perfect time presents itself -usually when we are already sick. Placing the tea pot set on a coffee table, bench, ottoman or stool is the perfect way to remind yourself to give yourself a little bit more TLC since immune defenses are usually lower during the winter months.

Stimulating Scents to Revitalize

Add potpourri to an empty vase or jar as a decorative element that packs a punch! Studies show that select scents have a positive effect on our immune system. We all know lack of sun equals vitamin D deficiencies, which in turn means you’re more prone to the depression, the winter blues, & stress. This is a great way to help combat them all in a thoughtful & creative way for you, family & guests.

Decorate with Your Selection of Winter Book Reads

Winter is all about retreating and conserving energy. However, this period of hibernation does not mean we are stagnate in our day to day lives. It is very easy to just relax, cozy up and let time pass us by during winter.

To avoid stagnation, select a list of books that you want to read during the winter break and place them in a coffee table neatly. This servers various purposes: As a reminder to turn off the T.V & get some mental stimulation, as a decorative element that says more about you than what meets the eye. If reading is just not your thing, place a yoga mat to remind you to “flow”. All in all, any item placed in an area you would like to accent becomes part of the your daily flow & part of your personal expression & decorative taste.

When we & our homes are in sync with nature & our day to day lives, everything just seems to flow better -at least that’s what most architects & home designers think when creating the perfect home.

Apply these 4 tips in your home and lets us know how it went via social media! Look out for the spring season tips.

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